How to plant jujube tree on the ground?


After entering the autumn, the temperature gradually decreased. After the jujube trees were planted, the wounds of the underground roots healed quickly, and the evaporation of the aboveground part was small, and the survival rate was high. However, autumn jujube trees should pay attention to the following eight aspects:

1.Start a good seedling. Try to avoid damage to the roots when starting the seedlings. In order to facilitate planting, the main root can be slightly trimmed after seedling to facilitate the absorption of water by the seedlings and increase the survival rate.

2. Digging holes. Dig a 50-60 cm square tree pit so that the roots of the seedlings are fully stretched in the pit. When digging a pit, separate the topsoil from the subsoil, and then fill the bottom of the pit with the topsoil.

3. Fertilize. Dig the tree pit and apply 5 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer on the bottom. The excavated subsoil can also be blended with 20 kg of organic fertilizer and filled into the pit during planting.

4. Immerse the roots. Before planting the seedlings, the roots of the seedlings are immersed in the phosphate fertilizer plus the rooting powder solution for 20 minutes or the phosphate fertilizer solution is planted immediately. The roots of the seedlings not only heal quickly, but also tend to root.

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5. Planting seedlings. The saplings should be planted in the center of the tree pit. When filling the soil, the fertile topsoil is filled in the rhizosphere, and the heart is cultivated in the upper layer. Fill in a layer of solid foundation. The depth of buried soil is 3 to 5 cm deeper than the original soil of the seedlings when the nursery grows. When planting, shake the seedlings while filling the soil so that the roots are fully extended and closely connected to the soil.

6. Watering. After the seedlings are fixed, it is necessary to pour large water, then make a good tree tray and pour into a round pile to help protect against wind and moisture.

7. Laminating. Covering the tree tray with the mulch on the tray of the jujube tree that has been planted can not only play a role in ensuring the mites, but also make the seedlings safe for winter, and the survival rate of the jujube seedlings is high.

8. Cold protection. The jujube seedling layer is thin, the water content is small, the water is easy to evaporate, and the pesticides can be used to prevent cold and protect the jujube trees for safe winter.

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