What are the taboos of red dates water?


Jujube water can be used for beauty and skin care, and qi and blood, but there are also many contraindications for jujube fruit water. Here are the seven taboos of jujube soaking in water.

red dates water

1.Don't take too much

Although chinese jujube date has a good tonic effect, if it is taken in excess, it will not only be able to replenish the body, but it will be harmful to the body. If fresh red jujube is overdose, then the body is prone to diarrhea, and the damage to the spleen is very large.

2. Patients with heavy moisture eat less

Old Chinese medicine tells us that not all girls and beauty lovers are suitable for taking dried jujube. If the woman is prone to eye swelling or swelling of the feet during menstruation, then the moisture in the body is relatively heavy. This type of patient is not suitable for taking jujube dates. This is because red jujube is sweet and can cause phlegm and dampness in the body after taking it, so that the moisture will stagnate and increase the possibility of edema in the body.

3. Women who are hot and dry

Because red dates have a good tonic effect, but also relatively hot. If it is taken by some women who are physically hot, do not choose to take it during menstruation, as this is likely to cause a significant increase in menstrual flow, which may cause life-threatening.

4.Diabetic patients take caution

Jujube contains more sugar, and if it is dried, the red dates contain more sugar. If you are a diabetic patient, don't choose red dates, or you should be careful when taking red dates to avoid an increase in blood sugar. If diabetics are not temperate on a daily basis, it is likely to cause the condition to worsen.

5.Avoid the crowd

If it is a wind-heat flu patient or a type of disease such as fever, abdominal flatulence, etc., these patients are not suitable for taking jujube water.

6. Do not buy pitted red jujube

If the jujube is taken with water and soaked in water, it is easy to aggravate the heat of the body, so some people always like to buy some red dates for the core. However, the old Chinese doctors think that this move is very bad, and it is harmful to the body after taking it. This is mainly because we first don't know how the core in the jujube is removed, whether there is pollution in the middle or adding other drugs. In addition, after the core is removed, some of the nutrients contained in the jujube will be lost, which is not conducive to nourishing the body.

7. Pregnant women jujube soaked in water, there are taboos

Pregnant women can also drink jujube soaked in water, not only can well regulate the body, so that the body and the color are getting better and better, and it is also very beneficial for the development of the fetus. However, the old Chinese medicine reminds that pregnant women and jujube soaked water is best not to add sputum and longan inside, to avoid nosebleeds and so on, and may even affect fetal health.

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